Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Parties

     Kyle's Birthday is just over a couple of months away.  This is when I usually start planning the event.  For the past three years we have had Kyle's party at the pool in Springfield and invited his whole class.  He loves to swim and if you send invitations to school you have to invite everyone.  What else are you going to do in the middle of winter with the potential of 15 classmates showing up as well as friends and family?
     Kyle had fun last year.  Some friends from school came.  Our family and some of our friends and their children came as well.  Kyle spent the majority of his time not swimming.  He sat with my husband's best friend next to the pool and chatted with him.  Some of my family members thought that he should be swimming with his friends.  I evaluated the situation and brought it up with Kyle.  I explained that his friends had come to his party to spend time with him and that he should respect that and swim with them.  He really didn't want to and observing the pool it was clear that the kids were having fun and they didn't mind either.  I let it be.  He was happy that his friends came to his party, but I think it was too much for him to handle.
     So, what do I do this year?  I talked with Kyle about his party.  I asked him if he would prefer the pool party or if he would prefer to invite one friend and have a special day together.  He picked the one friend option.  He suggested taking a trip to the Montshire Museum, he loves that place.  I explained to him how great of an idea that was but that we go there all of the time and that maybe something even more special would be better.  I was thinking the planetarium.  He loves space.  I have always wanted to take the kids there, but I won't drive there because I am not familiar with that area.  Hopefully my parents are reading this blog and will agree to do the driving!
     The mother in me has many emotions regarding this decision.  One is that I am happy that Kyle is going to have fun for his Birthday and that he knows and wants what is best for him, but on the other hand I am deeply saddened that the traditional big Birthday party with all of his school friends isn't the best thing.  This is something that I need to get over, but difficult nonetheless.

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