Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caitlin and the Four Leaf Clovers

Ever since I was a young child, I have always had the ability to pick out a four leaf clover.  Most of the time, it was when I wasn't even looking for one.  I never understood (and still don't) why people have a hard time finding them.  To me, they looked so different among their three leaf brothers and sisters.  To me, they just stand out.

This, to me, was pretty cool enough in itself.  What is even cooler, is that my four year old daughter apparently has the same ability.  Kicking around the soccer ball, she comes running up to me, "Mom, I've found a four leaf clover!"  The first time I figured she was confused, but upon observation of her clover, she had indeed found one.  What confirmed it even more, was when she found the next one with the same amount of ease!

Admittedly, having the ability to find four leaf clovers isn't going to get you far in life, but understanding the reasons behind it are fascinating.

Caitlin had her checkup with her developmental pediatrician today.  I told him about her new-found ability.  I told him also that I had this ability as well.  I figured he would think that I was weird for mentioning such a thing as a 'talent', but he went on to say about how it relates to pattern recognition.

So far, with Caitlin's Asperger's, there have been more 'gifts' than struggles.  Her struggles socially are that she would rather be alone and that she doesn't understand social interactions, but it is something that we are working on.  Transitions and rigidity are big too, but we are working around them.  She is such a talented girl. I look forward to watching her grow and discovering her many talents.

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